The Spirits of Capitalism: Enjoyment & Prohibition


Yannis StavrakakisPsychoanalysis and the Spirits of Capitalist Society


Well known Lacanian author and political theorist Yannis Stavrakakis talks about the two Spirits of Capitalism – Prohibition and Enjoyment – in a psychological analysis of the European crisis at the American University in Bulgaria on 28 March 2012.  Dr. Yannis Stavrakakis is known a member of the Essex School of Discourse Analysis, mainly known for his explorations of the importance of Psychoanalytic Theory (Freud and Lacan) for contemporary political and cultural analysis. Some of his papers include:

Stavrakakis, Yannis. (2012) Psychoanalysis and Society: Prohibition, Enjoyment and the Spirits of Capitalism. Balakansi-Panitza Institute for Advanced Study.

Stavrakakis, Yannis. (2011) Beyond the Spirits of Capitalism – Prohibition Enjoyment and Social Change. Cardozo Law Review, Special Issue, Vol. 33, Mad Money: Wall Street’s Bonus Obsession.

Stravrakakis, Yannis. (2010) Symbolic Authority, Fantasmatic Enjoyment and the Spirits of Capitalism, Genealogies of Mutual Engagement, in Cederström, Carl. & Hoedemaekers, Casper. (Eds.) Lacan and Organization. Mayfly Books, London.

Stavrakakis, Yannis. & Glynos, Jason. (2008) Lacan and Political Subjectivity – Fantasy and Enjoyment in Psychoanalysis and Political Theory. Subjectivity, Vol. 24, pg.256-274.


Psychoanalytic Political Libidinal Economy of

Neoliberal Bankers & Anti-Capitalist Protesters

Ayla Michelle’s PowerPoint presentation on the two Spirits of Capitalism and you can read more at her webpages, Economics, Dissertation, Essays and the

Coalition Politics: Traditional Conservatives & Libertarian Conservatives





Vulnerable Selves, Disciplining Others


Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Seminar Series (2011)

Footage of the Vulnerable Selves Disciplining Others Seminar Series Launch comprised of Talks and a Panel Discussion and can be found via the following links:

>  Introduction to Vulnerable Selves Disciplining Others series by Chair, Dr Andreas Liefooghe

>  Lacanian Psychoanalytical considerations by Prof Noga Wine 

Bully Yourself or Be Bullied by Dr Carl Cederstrom

>  Dr Marinos Diamantides discusses Bullying and the Law

>  The Anti-Bullying Movement by Prof. Howard Schwartz

The Other by artist and Stuckist founder, Naive John


Dr Andreas Liefooghe ESRC Series Chair, Reader in Organizational Psychology, Department of Organisational Psychology, School of Business, Economics and Informatics, Birkbeck College, University of London, quoting psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan,

” Love, of course constitutes a sign and is always mutual. I put forward that idea a long time ago, very gently, by saying that feelings are always mutual. I did so in order to be asked, “Then what, then what of love, of love – is it always mutual?” “But of course, but of course!” That is why the unconscious was invented, so that we would realize that man’s desire is the Other’s desire and that love, while it is a passion that involves ignorance of desire, nevertheless leaves desire its whole import.”

Jacques Lacan (1998) Encore: On Feminine Sexuality, the Limits of Love and Knowledge. The Seminar of Jacques Lacan. Edited by Jacques-Alain Miller, Norton, New York.





The Revolutionary Unconscious


Professor Michael Rustin – The Revolutionary Unconscious: Social Upheaval and Social Cohesion

Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies Annual Conference, November 2012.

Welcome: Mrs. Sue Kegerris – Director;  Introduction: Professor Karl Figlio – Research Director;  Keynote Speech: Professor Mike Rustin (University of East London).

Against the background of recent and prevailing social upheavals – the riots in the UK; the banking crisis; the Occupy movement; the Arab Spring; the near civil war in Syria – this conference brought together psychoanalytic, sociological and literary perspectives to examine the roots of what holds societies together and what rips them apart.

Find out more about the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies at the University of Essex and the founding of Psychosocial Studies at the University of East London.





Psychoanalysis & Fascism


Prof. Daniel Pick – On Psychoanalysis and Fascism

Dr. Daniel Pick is Professor of History at the Department of History, Classics and Archaeology in the School of Social Sciences, History and Philosophy of Birkbeck College, University of London.






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Research areas: Self Identity; Object Relations Theory; Interpersonal Relationships; Attachment Theory; Group Psychology & Behaviour; Prosocial & Antisocial Behaviour; Prejudice & Discrimination; Aggression & Violence; Group Identity; Identity Politics; Persuasion; Hegemony; Fascism; Leadership.