MA Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Society

Brunel University 2012/13 


Psychology Symbol



Foundations of Psychoanalytic Theory

The Drive in Freudian, Lacanian & Object Relations Psychoanalytic Theory 




Symptom and Society

Consumerism and Identity – Some Psychoanalytic Considerations  




Clinical Interventions in Psychoanalysis 

Clinical Applications of Psychoanalysis to the Clinical Structure of Neurosis

Wolf Man Case Presentation  




Research Methods in Psychoanalysis 

Why Individuals Sacrifice their Individuality in order to Conform to a Political Ideology

Phonetic Psychoanalysis Presentation Lacanian Phonetic Analysis  




MA Dissertation: Psychoanalysis and Political Economy

A Classical Psychoanalysis of Neoliberal Bankers and Anti-Capitalist Protesters




You can find an extensive collection of earlier Psychoanalytic Psychology Essays on psychical and sexual development, identity formation, psychopathology, creativity, drive theory, narcissism, neuroses, libidinal economy i.e. psychosexual energy distribution management and organisation, artistic processes, defence mechanisms, death processes, object relations, group processes, conformity, psychoses, perversion, etc. and follow my work on Ayla Michelle academia.edu






A Selection of academic Journal Articles and Books on Psychoanalytic views of Politics


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